Without touching a club, my intent is to make you a better golfer, know your mind and body connection and use simple tools to optimize performance and connection on and off the course. I offer trainings, workshops, retreats and coaching to empower women golfers to be compassionate and connected stewards of our world.

About Me

As a movement specialist I help people listen to their body through movement to maximize their performance and wellbeing. Specifically, I work with women to use the fun and challenge of golf to explore movement, emotions and stress.

I have been in the industry of Human performance for 25 years. In addition to studying at Northeastern University for Physical Therapy, I spent 6 years traveling to California, New York and Maryland to study Energy Kinesiology, which gave me a solid foundation in physical, nutritional, and emotional imbalances. I also have a Masters in Human movement and Performance from Concordia University.

My passion is to empower women to listen to the body's messages through movement and stillness, and provide them with tools and language to optimize their bodies for performance, connection and self regulation.

Healing and learning happens in the safe space of connection, acceptance and love. I enjoy creating a safe space for women to explore, connect and empower each other to be stewards of change in the world.

I learned so much about emotion management and limited mobility from my first 18 holes of golf. And now I'm exploring the fun of golf to help women access and deepen their self-empowerment.

Working With Me

Online Program

Discover how to achieve lasting transformation through the principles of body and nervous system resilience. This self-guided online program will teach you the basic principles of neuroscience and movement with simple daily life applications to make the transformation real.

Workshops & Retreats

Learn how to use the body to promote nervous system resilience both on and off the course within a safe and fun environment. I currently offer one day retreats in MA and southern NH. Reach out to customize a workshop anywhere in the U.S. for your staff, company, or students.

Coaching for Woman

Optimize your physical performance, emotional connection, and nervous system resilience from chronic stress. Through one-on-one coaching, you'll have the support, structure, and guidance to get started, stay on track, and achieve your personal goals.

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